One Smile Does Not Make You a Flirt

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If you smile at a guy and he ignores you – will that be the last man you ever smile at? Will you quit flirting altogether? Do you turn to find another man to smile at? Do you think – well, there are plenty of other fish in the sea?

In the group coaching call I ran last night, a couple of Niteflirtfindomme said they had tried flirting without success. I pressed for more info. How many times had they tried? One admitted to a single attempt and the other had three experiences. Is that enough to decide their flirting muscles were permanently atrophied? Yet this is what they both accepted as truth and totally gave up.

I ask you to please hold off on feeling discouraged to the point of giving up. You can always go there later if you really want to. Instead, imagine how active your love life could be if you moved on quickly from disappointment to find new, exciting flirting opportunities?

Smile at the next cute fellow you see. Chat with the guy at the cleaners. Wink at the man behind the deli counter. Life may be short, but your flirting options are uncountable when you allow it to be just what it is. Not a guaranteed response from a man or a way to “get” him, but an opportunity to spread cheer, be friendly and make someone’s day.

Flirting is a gift for the one receiving your attention and also a gift to yourself. Because you feel happy when you make someone else happy. Spontaneous connections are fun! When you relax and get into the spirit of flirting – you can’t avoid the fun!

This is “The Attitude” that makes you highly attractive and magnetic. When you flirt as a regular part of your day, it becomes a charming part of your personality. Don’t wait to turn it on for just the right guy because you won’t be smooth or confident. You just won’t have enough practice. Flirt as a fun, spontaneous way of moving through life and don’t give up for anyone!.

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